Our Story

Mountainside is a chiropractic clinic that treats the entire family and focuses on whole health, not just pain.  While the adjustment is a large part of my treatment, we also focus on the surrounding soft tissue which is essential to healing.  These soft tissue techniques allow us to treat a wider array of issues.  Once the pain and/or symptoms have decreased, the next step is to deal with the root of the problem through rehabilitation and exercises.  This approach prevents re injury and can prevent an issue from becoming chronic.

We are an integrated facility that caters to the active lifestyle by offering chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and personal training. 

"With an extensive background in athletic training and rehabilitation along with being an athlete myself, I have a strong understanding of the sports minded patient and their bodies.  The patient's goals are very important to me, it is my job to make sure their bodies allow them to be successful." - Dr. Kari Rockhill